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Our venerable and God-bearing father '''Sava the New''' (also spelled 'The 'Savvas'' or ''Savas'') is the [[patron saint]] of the Greek Island Episcopal Assembly of Kalymnos (Calymna), where he lived during the last twenty years of his life as the [[priest]] North and spiritual father of the [[nunCentral America]]s ''', founded in 2010, consists of all the Convent active Orthodox bishops of All SaintsNorth and Central America, representing multiple jurisdictions. He was a great [[ascetic]]It is the successor to SCOBA, [[confessor]]and it is not, [[iconographer]]properly speaking, a synod. The Episcopal Assembly of North and [[wonder-worker|miracle-worker]]. He Central America is one of several such bodies around the recently recognized saints world which operate in the Greek Orthodox Churchso-called "diaspora. "
The feast of St. Sava the New of Kalymnos is celebrated on various dates in different traditions, including [[February 7]], [[April 7]] ([[March 25]] in the [[Old Calendar]]), [[December 5]] with St. [[Sabbas the Sanctified|Sava the Sanctified]], and the fifth Sunday of [[Great Lent]] with St. [[Mary of Egypt]].
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