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Timeline of Orthodoxy in New Zealand

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Immigrants from Lebanon and Warsaw Pact Nations (1975-1999)
*1986: Hieromonk Ambrose (Mooney) establishes parish of St Michael the Archangel in Palmerston North to serve Russians, Serbs and converts.
*1987: Allan Eades ordained deacon and then priest by Bishop Gibran in Auckland, who changes his name to Ilyan, the Arabic equivalent. Fr [[Ilyan Eades]] is appointed Rector of the Antiochian Church in Auckland, moving there from Te Awamutu in the Waikato Region.
*1991: Soviet Russia Union disintegrates. Russian borders opened, allowing emigration.
::Mar 19: Mitred Archpriest Alexey Godyaew reposes. Funeral conducted by Greek, Romanian and Serbian clergy.
*1991-2001: Large numbers of citizens of formerly Communist countries emigrate to countries where communities had been established in prior generations. Significant numbers move to New Zealand, especially to Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, the majority being Russians, Ukrainians and Serbs sponsored by the Slavic Benevolent Society founded by Hieromonk [[Ambrose (Mooney]].) The three Russian parishes each grow from a few dozen members to 1-2 thousand each, with 5000 in Auckland. Romanian-speaking community in New Zealand greatly strengthened by new arrivals.

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