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St. Basil's Homes (Australia)

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{{orthodoxyinaustralia}}'''St. Basil's Homes''' in is an outreach of the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia ]] that provides residential services for the aged. St. Basil's Homes was established in 1969. The organisation now cares for large numbers A number of Australians of every cultural backgroundresidencies are located in a complex in Lakemba, New South Wales. These include the St. Basil's Nursing Home, the Olive Grove Special Dementia Section, the Lourantos Village, and Sister Dorothea Village. Additionally, facilities have been added in Miranda.
In addition to the residential services St. Basil's Homes maintains a Day Care Centre that provides respite services for dementia sufferers and their families.
The Lakemba complex includes a chapel, dedicated to St. [[Basil the Great|Basil]]. The services of a Greek Orthodox [[priest]] are available full time.

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