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'''Alban, Protomartyr of Britain''' was the first Christian [[martyr]] in Britain. The first mention of St. Alban is by Constantius, in his ''Life'' of St [[Germanus of Auxerre]], written about 480. His [[feast day]] is [[June 22]].
According to [[Bede]]'s ''Ecclesiastical History,'' I.vii and xviii, Alban was a pagan living at Verulamium (modern day St Albans, England), who converted to Christianity and was executed by beheading on a hill above the Roman settlement of Verulamium. St. Alban's Abbey at St Alban's, Hertfordshire, England was later founded near this site.
Some details added to St. Alban's tradition come from confusing him with another St. Alban, or Albinus, who was martyred at Mainz.
[[Troparion]] (Tone 4)
:He spoke boldly before the judges of this world,
:Offering up his head to you, the Judge of all!
==External link==
*[ Bede, ''Ecclesiastical History'' Book i.vii] The story of Saint Alban

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