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Ambrose (Jaaskelainen) of Helsinki

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Risto Jääskeläinen was born [[August 10]], 1945 , in Tohmajärvi in Finland.
[[Image:Ambro.jpg|thumb|220px|Metropolitan Ambrose at the Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki.]]He has studied theology at the University of Helsinki as well as studying abroad in the United States (1969, 1986-1988) Hungary (1969-1970), the United Kingdom (1971-1975), and the Soviet Union in 1979. From 1969 to 1970 Jääskeläinen worked at the Orthodox Seminary of Kuopio and from 1975 to 1976 at the University of Joensuu as the vice professor.
Risto Jääskeläinen was first [[ordination|ordained ]] as a [[monk]] with the name Ambrose and then hierodeacon hiero[[deacon]] and hieromonk in 1979 as a member of the brotherhood of the [[New Valamo|New Valaam Monastery ]] in Heinävesi. At New Valaam, Ambrose was appointed the [[monastery]]'s financial caretaker in 1977. In 1986 he received the title of [[archimandrite]] from Archbishop Paul of Finland, and from 1986 to 1988 Fr. Ambrose was the right hand man of the monastery's [[igumen]], Archimandrite Panteleimon (nowadays His Beatitude the Most Reverend Metropolitan Panteleimon (Sarho) of Oulu).
In 1988 Ambrose was chosen to be Bishop of Joensuu and ordinated to this post by Archbishop John of Finland, Metropolitan Tikhon of Helsinki and Metropolitan [[Leo (Makkonen) of Finland|Leo]] of Oulu. Ambrose served as Metropolitan of Oulu from 1988 to 2002, and in 2002 he was appointed to the post of Metropolitan of Helsinki. <!-- Besides his great efforts in ecumenical work, Metropolitan Ambrose is also one of the leading members of the board of directors of Tulikivi Corp. and an important member of the local Masonic Lodge. -->
Metropolitan Ambrose has written many theological writings, including ''Pyhyyden Kaipaus'' (1999) and ''Etsijän Tie'' (2001), and published several books concerning ecclesiastical history and ecumenical relations.
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