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Gospel Book

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== Placement in the church ==
Traditionally, the Orthodox will never cover the Gospel Book in leather—the skin of a dead animal—because the words of Christ are considered to be life-giving. Animal skins are also reminiscent of the the Fall of Man, when God fashioned garments of skin for Adam and Eve after their disobedience [;&version=9;(Genesis 3:21)]. The [[Apostle Paul]] speaks of Christ being the "New Adam" [;&version=9; (1st Corinthians 15:22,47-49)], and the Orthodox understand Christ as coming to clothe mankind in the original "garments of light" which Adam and Eve lost in Paradise. Traditionally, the Gospel is covered in gold, the earthly element which is best symbolizes the glory of Heaven. If gold in unavailable, the Gospel may be covered in cloth.
The Gospel Book rests on the center of the [[altar]] table, as the [[Cross]] of Christ was planted in the center of the earth. This placement of the Gospel Book also represents the activity of Christ at the Creation (the square Altar representing the created world). The Gospel rests upon the [[antimension]], which remains on the Altar at all times, as Christ will remain with the Church until the end of the world [;&version=9; (Matthew 28:20)].
*[ ''Photo of Paschal Liturgy''] ''(the Gospel Book can be seen lying on the [[Epitaphios (liturgical)|Epitaphios]])'' 
== Use during the Liturgy ==

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