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Talk:Orthodoxy in Hawaii

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=Monasteries =
There are eny any monasteries in Hawaii? [[User:Arthasfleo|Arthasfleo]] 23:47, September 16, 2007 (PDT)
:Not that I know of - it's not a bad idea though! — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk])
:There is a small monastic skete on the Big Island of Hawaii, under the jurisdiction of the Greek Old-calendar Milan Synod. The priest in charge is Hieromonk Bartholomew. -[[User:Nectarios|Nectarios]] 02:39, September 19, 2007 (PDT)
:Thanks, Nectarios. What do you know about the canonical status of the Milan synod? Also, do they have more than one monk there, and are they friendly to non-Milan people? I know very little about the Milan synod. Thanks! — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk])
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