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2001-present: Warming of Relations
==2001-present: Warming of Relations==
Since the election of Metropolian [[Laurus (Skurla) of New York]] as First Hierarch of the ROCOR and that body's subsequent ongoing rapprochement with Moscow, signs have appeared of better relations between the OCA and ROCOR. Seminarians studying at OCA seminaries have attended retreats at the ROCOR's [[Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary (Jordanville, New York)]], and ROCOR seminarians have also participated in [[OISM]] events at OCA seminaries. Warmly worded letters from the OCA hierarchy have also been sent to the ROCOR hierarchy.[] Further, pilgrims from the ROCOR have visited the OCA [[metochion]] in Moscow [] and Metropolitan Laurus has received representatives of the OCA for informal discussions.[] Additionally, the OCA 's chancellor and one of its senior priests have attended a banquet at a ROCOR clergy conference.[]
Perhaps with these signs of greater cooperation, these two daughters of Russian Orthodoxy in the West will come to terms with their mutual history and fully reconcile.
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