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Constans II

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Constans II was born on [[November 7]], 630, the son of [[Constantine the New|Constantine III]] (also Heraclius Constantine) and Gregoria and the grandson of Heraclius I. He was baptized Flavius Heraclius and ruled as Constantine, but Byzantine writers called him Constans. He married Fausta, by whom he had three sons: [[Constantine the New|Constantine IV]], Heraclius, and Tiberius. The Heraclian dynasty were supporters of Monothelitism.
After the death of his father, Constans' uncle Heraklonas became emperor and, in response to public and political pressure surrounding the death of his father, crowned Constans co-emperor in September 641. In late 641 or early 642, Heraklonas was deposed, leaving Constans as the sole emperor, at the age of eleven. Constans was then under the regency of senators including [[Patriarch]] [[Paul II of Constantinople|Paul II]]. At the time he came to the throne, the Arab Caliphate came to power in the eastern part of the empire and began overrunning major parts of it.

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