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[[image:Elias.jpg|thumb|right|The Prophet Elijah (Elias)]]The glorious Prophet '''Elijah''' (�?ֱלִיָּהוּ "Whose/my God is the Lord", Standard Hebrew Eliyyáhu, Tiberian Hebrew Ĕliyy�?hû: אליהו), also '''Elias''' ([[New Testament|NT]] Greek Hλίας), is a [[prophet]] of the Hebrew Bible or [[Old Testament]]. His name has been variously translated as "whose God is the Lord," "God the Lord," "the strong Lord," "God of the Lord," "my God is the Lord," "the Lord is my God," and "my God is Jehovah." His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[July 20]].
== Old Testament ==
:by your command you held back the rain!
:Pray for us to the only Lover of mankind!
 == Sources Source ==
*[[Wikipedia:Elijah|''Elijah'' at Wikipedia]]
==External links==
*[ Holy, Glorious Prophet Elijah] ([[OCA]])
*[ Elias the Prophet] ([[GOARCH]])
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