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Keharitomeni Monastery

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[[Image:Keharitomeni_Monastery_Troizina.jpg|right|frame|A view of the rear of the monastery, facing eastward toward the Saronic Gulf.]]The '''Sacred Hesychastyrion of Theotokos Full-of-Grace (Keharitomeni) -- in ''' (Greek : Ιερόν Ησυχαστήριον Κεχαριτωμένης Θεοτόκου) -- is a male [[monastery ]] located near the small town of [[Wikipedia:Troizen|Trizina]] in the [[Wikipedia:Peloponnese|Peloponnese]] in Greece, on a mountain looking eastward over the Aegean[[Wikipedia:Saronic Gulf|Saronic Gulf]].
It was founded in 1976 by Elder [[Epiphanios_%28Theodoropoulos%29|Epiphanios Theodoropoulos]] for some of his spiritual children who had become monks[[monk]]s. At first the monastery was more open, helping with local pastoral needs because of a lack of priests[[priest]]s, churches[[church]]es, and monasteries in the region. Recently, the [[ecclesiology|ecclesiastical ]] infrastructure of the region has improved, and the monastery has withdrawn into a more retired form of existence, including instituting the [[abaton]] (Gk. άβατον), a rule forbidding the entry of women into the monastery.
The current abbot is Fr. Spyridon, a spiritual child of Elder Epiphanios. The monastery still welcomes local faithful as well as visitors from farther afield and is involved in publishing many of the writings of Elder Epiphanios. One of the monastery's more popular publications, available in the U.S., is its [[prayer ]] book, ''Prayer Book of Keharitomeni'' (Προσευχητάριον Κεχαριτωμένης). It includes basic guidelines on the art of prayer and related topics , such as [[fasting]], as well as a broad selection of prayers and services, with [[laity|laymen ]] as its intended audience. [[Category:Greek Monasteries]]

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