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Great Entrance

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Gay{{liturgy}}The '''Great Entrance''' is one of the two processions in the liturgical life of the [[Church]]. Like the [[Little Entrance]], the Great Entrance generally originated in times when functions now concentrated in the sanctuary, such as the [[proskomedia]] and the storage of liturgical vessels, were segregated into separate architectural elements and the procession was needed to bring these objects into the church. == Performance ==The Great Entrance occurs at a later point during the [[Divine Liturgy]] when the bread and wine to be offered are carried from the [[Table of oblation]], located at the north side of the sanctuary (sometimes occupying its own apse), out the North Door and back through the [[Holy Doors]] to be placed on the altar. This entrance interrupts the [[Cherubic Hymn]] and is accompanied by a series of intercessions formulated according to the customs of the [[jurisdiction]]. The [[Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts]], celebrated on Wednesdays and Fridays during [[Great Lent]], and is a [[Vespers]] service combined with the distribution of [[Eucharist|Holy Communion]] that had been consecrated the previous Sunday. The Great Entrance is performed not with bread prepared for the offering but with bread that has already been consecrated, and in complete silence and subdued reverence. == External links ==*[[w:Entrance (Liturgical)|Wikipedia: Entrance (Liturgical)]]*[ The Great Entrance in pictures from the OCA website]*[ Great Entrance (Video)] (fi) [[Category:Liturgics]] [[ro:Vohodul Mare]]

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