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Most commemorations that have an afterfeast also have a [[forefeast]].
== How Longlong? ==
The afterfeast begins on the day after the feast and concludes on the [[leavetaking]] of the feast. Accordingly, the period of the afterfeast varies from commemoration to commemoration.
== Which Feastsfeasts? ==
[[Pascha]] and most [[First Class Feasts]] and [[Second Class Feasts]] have afterfeasts.
* [[Dormition]] ([[August 15]])—afterfeast: 8 days (leavetaking: [[August 23]])
== See Also also ==
* [[Forefeast]]
* [[Leavetaking]]
* [[Synaxis]]
== Sources ==
* ''The Pentecostarion'', tr. Holy Transfiguration Monastery (ISBN 0943405025)
* [ Website of the St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America]
==External link==
*[[w:Afterfeast|''Afterfeast'' at Wikipedia]]
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