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Russian "Old" Churches
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza/Archive 1|Archive 1]], Feb - Dec 2005 (formerly the [ Anything Goes] page)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza/Archive 2|Archive 2]], Feb 2005 - Aug 2006 (formerly the [ Questions] page)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza/Archive 23|Archive 3]], Oct 2005 - Aug 2006 (moved from [ Talk:Main Page])
I've created edittools for el.OrthodoxWiki, it might be usefull on en. or any other OrthodoxWiki. Ofcourse you can modify it accordingly in order to suit you special needs. On '''βελτίωση''' please add any template you have for article's improvement. --[[User:Kalogeropoulos|Kalogeropoulos]] 13:03, July 2, 2007 (PDT)
==Russian "Old" Churches==
I'm a bit confused about the status of at least three articles:
*Russian Old-Orthodox Church
*Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church
*Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church
Do these represent different groups? Looking at the history of the [[Russian Old-Orthodox Church]] and [[Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church]], I can see that there must have been something ... but that has mysteriously disappeared. And the [[Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church]] article, taken from Wikipedia, has an external link to the OrthodoxWiki article Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church. Clarification? —[[User:Magda|<b>magda</b>]] ([[User_talk:Magda|talk]]) 07:41, August 8, 2007 (PDT)
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