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List of parishes in British Columbia (Canada)

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Here __NOTOC__This is a listing of the list of Orthodox churches parishes in the Canadian province of '''British Columbia'''.<!-- Last checked for completeness and working links by User:Magda on November 6, 2007 --->===Burnaby===*St. Archangel Michael [] ([[Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA and Canada|Serbian]] - New Gracanica) ===Chilliwack===*St. Demetrius Parish [] ([[UOCC]]) ===Comox===*Holy Apostle Barnabas Mission ([[OCA]]) ===Cranbrook===*St. Aidan of Lindisfarne Mission [][] ([[OCA]])
*All Saints Parish [] (UOCC)* St. George Greek Orthodox Community, Kamloops [] (GOC[[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)* All Saints Parish, Kamloops (UOCC|GOMT]])* St. Nicholas Mission Station, Kamloops [] ([[OCA]]
* Greek Orthodox Community of Kelowna St. Ilija Serbian Mission Parish [] (GOCSerbian)* Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Kelowna [] (UOCC) ===Kitimat===* StMetamorphosis Greek Orthodox Community of Kitimat-Terrace [ Ilija Serbian Mission Parish htm#British%20Columbia] (SOCGOMT
*St. Herman of Alaska Church [] (OCA)*Holy Nativity Mission [] ([[AOCA|Antiochian]])* St. Nicholas Church, Langley [] (OCA) ===Mission City===* [ St. Herman of Alaska Church], Surrey (Langley) (OCA)* Mary the Protectress Parish [http://www.antiochianladioceseuocc.orgca/Deaneriesen-ca/prairieparishes/langleyparishdetails.htm Holy Nativity Missionasp?ParishID=147], Langley ([[AOCA|AOC]]UOCC)
===New Westminster===
* Mar Elias Church, New Westminster [] (OCA)* Holy Trinity St. Gheorghe Romanian Orthodox Church, Vancouver[http:/New Westminster /][] (OCA[[Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada|Romanian]])* St Gheorghe Holy Trinity Church [] (OCA - [[Romanian Orthodox Church, New Westminster Episcopate of America (OCA)|Romanian Orthodox Church]])* St. Joseph the Damascene Church [ ] (Antiochian) ===Parksville===*St. Joseph Mary the Damascene ChurchProtectress Parish [][] (UOCC) ===Penticton===*Greek Orthodox Community of Penticton [], New Westminster (AOCGOMT)
===Prince George===
*St. Alexander Nevsky Mission [] ([[Russian Orthodox Church in Exile|ROCiE]])* Koimisis Tis Theotokou, Greek Orthodox Community, Prince George [] (GOCGOMT)* St. Michael Parish, Prince George [] (UOCC) ===Sechelt===*Our Lady of Kazan Mission [] (ROCiE) 
* Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Community of Surrey and Fraser Valley [http://www.saintmarycopticorthodoxchurchgocanada.comorg/parishdirectory/ index.htm#British%20Columbia] (GOMT)*St. Mary George Coptic Orthodox Church, Surrey [] (COC[[Coptic Orthodox Church in Canada|Coptic]])]* St. Mary Parish [ Sten-ca/parishes/parishdetails. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Surrey asp?ParishID=140] (COCUOCC)]* StsSt. Constantine and Helen Greek Mary Coptic Orthodox Community of Surrey and Fraser Valley Church [] (GOCCoptic)* St.Mary Parish, Surrey Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church [] (UOCCRomanian)
* St. Andrew the Apostle Mission [ StDIRlisting. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Hellenic Community of Vancouver BCasp?SID=9&KEY=OCA-RO-VANSAC] (GOCOCA - Romanian)* [ St. Nicholas George Greek Orthodox Community, Vancouver Cathedral] (GOCGOMT)* Holy Trinity Cathedral, Vancouver [] (UOCC)* St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church, Vancouver (SOC[[ROCOR]])* St. John of Shanghai Mission Station [ St Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church/], Vancouver (Romanian Orthodox ChurchOCA)* St. Andrew John the Apostle Mission, Vancouver Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco Parish [http://ocawww.rocor-v.orgcom/rocor/DIRlistingcanada.asp?SID=9&KEY=OCA-RO-VANSAChtml] (OCAROCiE)* St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community [http://www.stninagocanada.caorg/Parish_Directory/ ParishDirectory.htm#British%20Columbia] (GOMT)*St. Nina Mission Station], Vancouver Nicholas Church (OCAROCOR)* North Shore Hellenic Community [ Stparishdirectory/index. John of Shanghai Mission Stationhtm#British%20Columbia], Vancouver (OCAGOMT)* St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church [http://www.holyressvetisava.orgnet/ Sobor of the Holy Resurrectionnaslovna.aspx], Vancouver (OCASerbian)* Mission Sobor of Langley, Vancouver & Surrey (AOC)* the Holy Trinity Church, Vancouver Resurrection [] ([[ROCOR]]OCA===Vernon===* Dormition of St. Nicholas Church, Vancouver Mary Parish [http://www.directoryuocc.sjkp.orgca/en-ca/parishes/parishdetails.phpasp?idParishID=2630142] (ROCORUOCC)
* All Saints of Alaska (St. Arseny of Konevits) Mission [http://www.victoriahellenicsocietyallsaintsofalaska.orgca/index.html Ypapanti Greek Orthodox Community of Victoria & Vancouver Island] (GOCOCA)* St . George Parish, Victoria [][] (UOCC)* Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Mission, Esquilmault, Victoria (Romanian Orthodox Church)* All Saints of Alaska (St. Arseny of Konevits) Mission, Victoria (OCA)* St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Victoria [](ROCORRomanian)===Rest of B*St.C.===Sophia Orthodox Church (ROCOR)* Ypapanti Orthodox Church [ St. Archangel Michael - Serbian Orthodox Church/], Burnaby (SOC)* [ Holy Apostle Barnabas Missionparishdirectory/index.htm#British%20Columbia], Comox (OCAGOMT)* St Demetrius Parish, Chilliwack (UOCC)==External links==* All Saints of North America Monastery, Dewdney Orthodox Vancouver [] (OCA)* Holy Transfiguration Hermitage, Gibson's Landing (OCA)* Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Community of Kitimat-Terrace (GOC)* StVictoria [http://orthodoxvictoria. Mary the Protectress Parish, Mission City (UOCC)ca/]* Greek Orthodox Community of Penticton (GOC)* St. Mary the Protectress Parish, Port Alberni (UOCC)* Dormition {{Parishes of St. Mary, Vernon (UOCC)Canada}}
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