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Emperor Theodosius
Hey Magda! I'm thinking it might be nice to put all the articles launched through the Holy Cross ethics class over the past few years in a category, with some kind of descriptive overview. Do you have a good sense of which articles would be included? Also, who is the professor these were written for? Thanks, — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk])
== Emperor Theodosius ==
Thanks for getting all the links to the Emperor Theodosius article. I find now adding articles means a lot of searching and making links. A note: You are much more up on our various saints, so that's why the note to you. I notice your linking of September 14 to Placilla the Empress as Theodosius' wife. In the sources I found his first wife was noted as "Aelia Flacilla". With the similar names I'm guessing the names refer to the same person. If so, the Theodosius article should note the different spellings for her name. Would you check it and make the modification to the article, if names apply to the same person. Bill Kosar [[User:Wsk|Wsk]] 07:14, August 7, 2007 (PDT)
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