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OrthodoxWiki en español
Dear sister Gabriela,
I would like to express my deep appreciation for proofreading and correcting the grammatical errors in the recent revisions I made in the Orthodoxy in the Philippines Wiki. I'm not an expert in English and so you have indeed done a great help to us, your Orthodox brethren in the Philippines. Certain individual/s would like to put the established canonical jurisdiction in the Philippines into bad light and are trying their best to distort historical facts by citing totally unsupported claims and baseless allegations. Let us pray that God have mercy on them and forgive them. Again, thank you so much for your effort. May God bless us all. In Christ, [[User:Filipino|Filipino]] 23:39, May 18, 2007 (PDT)
== OrthodoxWiki en español ==
Hola Gabriela!
Estuve leyendo tu página de usuario, y por tus conocimientos de español, te quiero invitar a trabajar en la [ OrthodoxWiki en español], que está recién empezando ¿me podrías ayudar traduciendo artículos?
Eso, saludos y de antemano muchas gracias --[[User:Alstradiaan|Alstradiaan]] 13:36, July 28, 2007 (PDT)

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