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Genuine Orthodox Church of America

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The '''Genuine Orthodox Church of America''' (GOCA) is an independent [[Old Calendarists|Old Calendarist]] [[jurisdiction]] based in Buena Vista, Colorado which recognizes exclusively sees itself as the only legitimate OrthodoxOrthodox church. It is not in [[full communion|communion]] with any jurisdiction but itselfother body. It is headed by Abp. [[Gregory (George) of Denver]].
It was formed out of a group originally under the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]], which later joined one of the Greek Old Calendarist jurisdictions (1995), followed by the [[Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church]] (ROAC) (2000), and is now wholly independent following the ROAC's deposition and excommunication of Abp. Gregory (2004).<ref name="ROAC1"> [ ROAC: Protocol № 48 July 2/15, 2004], accessed 28 July 2007</ref><ref name="ROAC2">[ ROAC: Ukaz № 130]</ref> With its history of being a part of various jurisdictions, the Genuine Orthodox Church of America tends to be in a constant state of hostility toward its former affiliations.
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