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[[Image:Rublev TrinitySeraphim of Sarov.jpg|100px|The Holy TrinitySaint Seraphim of Sarov]]
</div>[[Saint]] [[Macrina the Younger|Macrina]], sister of Saint [[Basil the Great]]; Saint Dius, [[Abbot]] of Antioch; Blessed Romanus, prince of Ryazan; Saint Paisius of the [[Kiev Caves]]; New-Martyr Victor, [[Bishop]] of Glazov; Abba Diocles of ''The Paradise''; Blessed Stephen, king of Serbia, and his mother Saint Militsa; Saint Theodore, [[Archbishop]] of Ephesus; Saint Stephen Lazarevic; Saint [[Theodoros the Great Ascetic|Theodore]] of St. Savvas, Archbishop of Edessa (see also [[July 9]]). '''Other events:''' repose of Blessed Abbot Nilus, Elder John of Saint Nilus of Sora Monastery, and Hieroschemamonk Anthony of [[Valaam Monastery|Valaam]]; opening of the [[relics]] of Saint [[Seraphim of Sarov]]

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