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Evagrius Ponticus

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'''Evagrius the Solitary''' (c. 346-399) was an Egyptian monastic, and one of the earliest spiritual writers on [[asceticism]] in the Christian eremitic tradition. He is also called '''Evagrius of Pontus''' or '''Evagrius Ponticus'''. Some of his works are included in the ''[[Philokalia]]''. {{stub}}  ==Life== ==Works==*On Asceticism and Stillness in the Solitary Life*On Discrimination in respect of Passions and Thoughts*On Watchfulness*On Prayer: 153 Texts ==Quotations==*Whoever loves true prayer and yet becomes angry or resentful is his own enemy. He is like a man who wants so see clearly and yet inflicts damage on his own eyes. –''Treatise on Prayer'', 64 *Whether you pray with brethren or alone, try to pray not simply as a routine, but with conscious awareness of your prayer. Conscious awareness of prayer is concentration accompanied by reverence, compunction and distress of soul as it confesses its sin with inward sorrow. -unknown work ==See also==*[[Philokalia]]*[[Origen]] ==External Links==*[ Evagrius Ponticus: On Asceticism and Stillnessin the Solitary Life]*[ Evagrius Ponticus: Monastic Theologian]*[ Evagrius Ponticus] from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library*[ A Life of Evagrius of Pontus] [[Category:Asceticism]][[Category:Monastics]]
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