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[[Image:Tikhon of MoscowAnastasiosOfAlbania.jpg|100px|StAbp. [[Tikhon Anastasios of MoscowAlbania]]]]
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'''The [[ROCOR and OCA|The ROCOR and the OCAChurch of Albania]]''' have a complicated history is one of cooperation, rivalry, and sometimes outright hostility. These two [[jurisdiction]]s, the '''[[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russiaautocephaly|autocephalous]]''' (ROCOR) and the '''[[Orthodox Church in America]]''' (OCA), both have their origins in churches whose territory consists of the [[Church Republic of Russia]] (a.k.a. the ''Moscow Patriarchate'' or ''MP''), and their histories as clearly distinct and identifiable entities both stem from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the early 20th centuryAlbania.
The '''Church of Albania''' as a church using the Albanian language is a latecomer to an ancient region of Europe. The heritage of the Byzantine Roman Empire that resided in the areas in which Albanians lived meant that Greek was the language of their churches. It was only in recent times, that is, the last hundred years or so, as nationalism came to the forefront in the Balkans that the idea came of an independent Albanian country in which the Orthodox church would use Albanian as its liturgical language. The idea of an Albanian liturgical language was in part realized through the efforts of an Albanian Orthodox émigré in the United States of America who began translating the Orthodox services into Albanian, became an Orthodox [[priest]], and began using the Albanian translations among Albanian communities both in America and Europe. This was [[Theophan (Noli) of Durres |Fr. Theophan (Fan) Noli]] in 1908.  '''''Recently featured:''''' [[ROCOR and OCA]], [[Pascha]], [[Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)|Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)]], [[Book of Kells]], [[Archangel Gabriel]], [[Alexis of Wilkes-Barre]], [[Theophany]], [[Nativity]], [[Theological School of Halki]], [[Alexander Nevsky]], [[Episcopi vagantes]], [[Joseph the Hesychast]], [[Eucharist]]. ''Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented on '''Saturdays'''.''<noinclude>
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