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Mamas of Caesarea

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[[Image:Mamas_lion.jpg|right|thumb|St Mamas, the lamb and the lion: [[icon]] in the [[church]] at Morphou]] '''Saint Mamas''' was [[martyr]]ed c. 275 at the age of 15 in Cappadocia. He preached Christianity during his teenage years, and a lion from the fields is said to have remained with him as companion. In [[iconography]], his attribute is the lion. His [[feast day ]] is [[August 17]] in the [[Roman Catholic|Roman]] [[calendar]] and [[September 2]] in the [[Orthodoxy|Orthodox]] calendar.
In [[Church of Cyprus|Cyprus]] Saint Mamas is popularly known as a poor [[hermit]] who lived in a cave near the Cypriot town of Morphou (Guzelyurt). According to When the local tradition he was a hermit living in very poor circumstances and when the Ottoman authorities tried to tax him, he evaded them. Soldiers were sent out and captured him , but on the way back to town, he saw a lion attacking a lamb, . He then escaped the soldiers, saved the lamb, jumped on the lion's back , and in that way came to town. His bravery earned him an exemption from the tax.
==Sources and further details==

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