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Theodore the Studite

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[[Image:Theodore_the_Studite.jpg|right|thumb|St. Theodore the Studite]]
Our [[Venerable]] and God-bearing Father '''Theodore the Studite''' (759-826) was a [[hymnographer]] and [[theologian]] as well as the [[abbot]] of the [[Monastery]] of [[Studion Monastery|St. John the Baptist in Studios]], outside of Constantinople. His great theological contribution, ''On the Holy Icons'', was for the defense of [[icons]] during the Second [[Iconoclasm]] Period (814-842). He is also known for his writings and influence on monastic reform. His [[feast day]] is on [[November 11]], and the [[Translation (relics)|transfer]] of his [[relics]] from Cherson to Constantinople in 845 on [[January 26]].
He and one of his brothers, St. Joseph the Confessor, Archbishop of Thessaloniki (also called "Joseph the Studite"; 762-832; [[July 14]] and January 26), are known for their work on the ''[[Triodion]]'', the service book for the first three weeks of [[Great Lent]]. The first Lenten weekday canon is attributed to St. Joseph and the second to St. Theodore.<ref>''The Lenten Triodion'', trans. by Mother Mary and [[Archimandrite]] [[Kallistos Ware]], p. 41. ISBN 1878997513</ref>
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==Further resources==
*St. Theodore's ''On the Holy Icons'' published by the [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)|St. Vladimir's Seminary]] Press. ISBN 0913836761 ([ at Google Books])
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