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[[Image:Iakovos CoucouzisICXCNIKA.jpggif|100px|Abp. IakovosJesus Christ conquers!]]</div>His Eminence, the Most Reverend Archbishop The '''[[Iakovos (Coucouzis) Timeline of Church History|History of Americathe Church]]''' (is a vital part of the Orthodox Christian faith. Orthodox Christians are defined significantly by their continuity with all those who have gone before, those who first received and preached the truth of [[July 29Jesus Christ]]to the world, those who helped to formulate the expression and worship of our faith, 1911 and those who continue to move forward in the unchanging yet ever- dynamic [[April 10]], 2005) was [[primateHoly Tradition]] of the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South AmericaChurch]] from 1959 to 1996, making him the longest serving bishop in that capacity.
He was also the founding president of [[SCOBA]] in 1960 and served thus until his retirement in 1996. Iakovos was well-known for his work to make Orthodoxy visible in American society and for his tireless work in civil rights. The dream and continual struggle of his episcopacy was to see the full union of Orthodoxy in America, to be transfigured from "parochial to truly Orthodox Christian people," from "separate jurisdictions to one jurisdiction," from "many ethnic groups to one group, headed and dominated by Christ our Saviour and our Lord," as he said at the 1994 [[Ligonier Meeting]].
 '''''Recently featured:''' [[Church Iakovos (Coucouzis) of AntiochAmerica]], [[MonasticismChurch of Antioch]], [[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)|St. Catherine's MonasteryMonasticism]]. Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented every '''Friday'''.''
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