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== Antiochians ==
Rev. Father John,
Bless me, Father.
I'm replying to some comments you have made in the wikipedia. You've stumbled upon an interjurisdictional dispute between three churches and whether or not the local Filipino Orthodox are actually Orthodox. Without getting into detail, the unofficial position of Moscow, ROCOR, and Antioch is that a majority of the ones converted into Orthodoxy in the Philippines were paid to. They continue to get paid to go to church. We also support Orthodoxy in the Philippines being lead by Filipinos. The Greek Orthodox Church is lead not by the Filipino priests but by a Greek married priest from Thessaloniki and the parish council is dominated by a Greek-American, Milton Adamson, which is why his name is mentioned everywhere. this is the same situation that occurred in Indonesia until the majority of Indonesians joined ROCOR in 2005. In another age, that church would be called a tool of colonialism. However, the Greeks prefer to call it Helenism.
In Christ,
== Thanks ==
Father Bless. I must thank you for the honor of upgraded my account to sysop status. I hope that I'll be worthy of your trust.--[[User:Adolap|Adolap]] 07:37, June 9, 2007 (PDT)

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