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OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View)

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What the Bias Means
Further, articles on [[:Category:Non-Orthodox|Non-Orthodox Christian]] religious groups, while necessarily including some general description of those groups, should have as their primary content the relationship and history of that group in relation to the [[Orthodox Church]]. For the encyclopedic purposes of '''OrthodoxWiki''', Non-Chalcedonian and non-Mainstream churches which identify themselves as Orthodox and are not "self-starters" (i.e., taking the name ''Orthodox'' to themselves without any historic origin in the Orthodox Church) will be considered to be Orthodox in terms of categorization and article content—that is, they do not have to be included in [[:Category:Non-Orthodox]] or focus their article content primarily on their relationship to the Mainstream Chalcedonian churches (though of course that should be covered).
[[Episcopi vagantes|Vagante]] groups with no history of being within the Mainstream, Chalcedonian Orthodox Church or any substantial history of interaction with it (thus affecting its history), while occasionally being mentioned on '''OrthodoxWiki''', will should not have articles dedicated to them(unless the article is justified as with other non-Orthodox groups as above).
===What the Bias Does Not Mean===
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