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Orthodoxy in the Philippines

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Orthodoxy in the Philippines
== Orthodoxy in the Philippines ==
Orthodoxy arrived in the Philippines when Syrian and Lebanese merchants and sailors arrived in Manila after Manila was opened to outside trade. The first recorded Orthodox Christian is a Lebanese family in 1802. any Many of the Lebanese families still reside in the Philippines and have become Filipino citizens.
An influx of Russian emigrees fleeing the Soviet regime occured during the American colonial regime. In 1935, a Russian [[parish]] was established in Manila, and the [[Patriarch]] of Moscow and All Russia appointed Father Mikhail Yerokhin as vicar. The Episcopal Church then permitted Fr. Mikhail to use the north transept of their cathedral for worship. In 1937, the first Orthodox church was built and was named after the Iberian [[Icon]] of the Mother of God. This also became the first Orthodox [[altar]] in the Philippines. Later, both the Episcopal Cathedral and the Russian Orthodox church in Manila were destroyed during the Second World War. [[Image:John Maximovitch Tubabao.jpg|left|thumb|Abp. John Maximovitch in Tubabao]]

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