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Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia

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[[Image:Atallah_Hanna.jpg|thumb|120px150px|Fr. Attallah Hanna]]His Eminence the Most Reverend [[MetropolitanArchbishop]] '''Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia''' (b. 1965, usually represented in Western news sources as '''Attallah Hanna''') , is the [[bishop]] of Sebastia of the [[Church of Jerusalem]] and member of the [[Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre]] who . He has acted as the spokesman of the patriarchate. He and has also been put forward by Arabic [[laity|laymen]] as a potential candidate for the position of Patriarch of Jerusalem.
He ==Life==Nizar Hanna was elected to born in 1965 in the post village of Rame of West Galilee. After completing his early education locally including at Patriarchate [[BishopSeminary]] in Jerusalem, Nizar completed his studies at the Theological School in Thessaloniki in 1990 where he received Master of Arts and Doctor of Sebastia on [[December 1]]Philosophy degrees. Returning to Palestine, 2005Nizar was appointed by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem as secretary and teacher at the High Secretariat of the school at Remli (Ramlah).
==Timeline==*1965 - Attallah Hanna In 1991, Nizar was born in Al-Rameh (Galilee)[[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] with the name Theodosios as well as receiving [[ordination]] as a [[deacon]]. Went to school in his birthplace; went on to study at Patriarchate Seminary in Jerusalem.*1983 - Studied at University He also was elected a member of the Brotherhood of Thessalonikithe Holy Sepulchre. Awarded Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degreesIn 1992, Dn.*1991 - Ordained Theodosios was ordained a [[priest ]] at the [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Was made an (Jerusalem)|Church of the Holy Sepulchre]], and then a few days later he was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite, spokesman ]] and placed in charge of the Arab section of the Patriarchate.*Taught religious studies at Orthodox schools Later in Jerusalem 1992 Archim. Theodosios was appointed to a number of positions including Vice-Director and Ramlehteacher of the Patriarchal School of St.*Taught church history Demetrios, Secretary of the Arabic Department of the Patriarchal offices, and Arab civilisation in the Pedagogic Professor at the University of Haifa for seven years.*Established the Orthodox youth movementIn 1996, Fr. Serves as spiritual father.*Elected chairman of committee that publishes Arabic Theodosios became involved in various duties related to publishing religious books on religious studies for use the community schools in Galilee Israel and the Palestinian Autonomy. He also was charged with administering the Orthodox Religious Program and the Palestine's schoolsRadio Service.*Oversaw broadcasts about Orthodoxy on ''Voice of Palestine'' radio.*Active He was active in the local and international ecumenical movement, including Muslim-Christian dialogues*Member and representing the patriarchate in various international meetings. He was also a member of the board of trustees of Bethlehem's Al-Liqa' centre, center for cultural and religious studies in the Holy Land.*Represents Patriarchate in Muslim-Christian affairs section He was a member of Middle East Council of Churches.*Participated the Palestinian political committee in Jerusalem committee, Morocco, representing churches in as well as served on the Holy LandBoard of Trustees of Jerusalem Society.*Represented On [[World Council of ChurchesNovember 18]] at United Nations Committee for Human Rights, discussing the suffering of the Palestinian people.*Participated in Islamic Summit in Doha, Qatar2005, speaking in the name of the Churches of the Holy LandFr.*Participated in Muslim-Christian meeting about Jerusalem in UAE.*Visited US many times to discuss difficulties Theodosios was elected [[archbishop]] of Palestinians under occupation; while there, he lectured at many universities Sebastia and met with Christian groups and societies was [[consecration of human rights*Member a bishop|consecrated]] at the Church of the Palestinian political committee Resurrection in Jerusalem*Board on [[December 11]] of Trustees of Jerusalem Societythe same year.*2005 Dec 1 - Elected Bishop of Sebastia*In May 2007 - Suspended , Abp. Theodosios was suspended for a duration of two months by the Holy [[Synod]] of the Church of Jerusalem presided over by [[Patriarch]] [[Theophilus III (Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem|Theophilus III]].<sup>[[]],[[]<] {{start box}}{{succession|before=?|title=Archbishop of Sebastia|years=2005-Present|after=&mdash;}}{{end box}} ==Source==*[>en/arx_sebastias.htm Archbishop of Sebastia]
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