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Again the faithful are reminded of the Master's presence and his saving promise: "If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink" (John 7:37).
==Fifth Sunday of Pascha: The Samaritan Woman == [[Image:Samaritan Woman.JPG|thumbnail|right|The Samaritan Woman]]
The fifth Sunday after Easter deals with the woman of Samaria with whom Christ spoke at Jacob's Well from the Gospel of St John (4). Again the theme is the "living water" and the recognition of Jesus as God's Messiah (John 4:10-11; 25-26).
==Sunday of All Saints==
[[Image:All saints.jpg|thumbnail|right|All Saints]]
The Sunday following Pentecost is dedicated to All Saints, both those who are known to us, and those who are known only to God. There have been saints at all times, and they have come from every corner of the earth. They were [[Apostles]], [[Martyrs]], [[Prophets]], [[Hierarchs]], [[Monastics]], and [[Righteous]], yet all were perfected by the same [[Holy Spirit]].

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