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==Third Sunday of Pascha: The Holy Myrrhbearing Women==
[[Image:Myrrhbearing Women.jpg|thumbnail|The Holy Myrrhbearing Women]]
The third Sunday after Pascha is dedicated to the [[myrrhbearing women]] who cared for the body of Christ at his death and who were the first witnesses of his [[Resurrection]].
==Fourth Sunday of Pascha: The Paralytic ==
[[Image:Paralytic .jpg|thumbnail|left|The Paralytic]]
The fourth Sunday is dedicated to Christ's healing of the paralytic, from the Gospel of St John (5). The man is healed by Christ while waiting to be put down into the pool of water.
==Sixth Sunday of Pascha: The Blind Man==
[[Image:Blind Man.jpg|thumbnail|left|Healing the man blind from birth]]
The sixth Sunday commemorates the healing of the man blind from birth. The Gospel of St John(9) tells how Jesus used clay of spittle and told the man to wash in the waters of Siloam. He did so because it was the Sabbath day on which spitting, clay-making and washing were strictly forbidden. By breaking these ritual laws of the Jews, Jesus showed that he is indeed the Lord of the Sabbath, and, as such, that he is equal to God the Father Who alone, according to Jewish tradition, works on the Sabbath day in running his world.

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