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Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

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The '''Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia''', headquartered in Hong Kong, is an [[eparchy]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Its current [[bishop]] is His Eminence [[Nikitas (Lulias) of Hong Kong|Nikitas (Lulias)]], [[Metropolitan]] of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, which includes Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan.
name=Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia|
bishop=Metr. [[Nikitas Nektarios (LuliasTsilis) of Hong Kong|Metr. NikitasNektarios]]|
see=Hong Kong|
hq=Hong Kong|
territory=Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Southeast Asia|
language=English, Greek, other native languages|
music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|
website=[ OMHKSEA]
== History ==The '''Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia''' (OMHKSEA), headquartered in Hong Kong, is an [[eparchy]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Metropolitan [[Nektarios (Tsilis) of Hong Kong]] is the ruling bishop of this [[see]] which includes Hong Kong, the [[Orthodoxy in the Philippines|Philippines]], [[Orthodoxy in Taiwan|Taiwan]], Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.
== Recent History ==
==OrganizationHistory==The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia is treated as one single archdiocese with five archdiocesan districts: New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory; Victoria and Tasmania; South Australia and the Northern Territory; Queensland and New Guinea; Between its 1997 establishment and Western Australia. To assist the archbishop, he has an amount of assistant bishops - currently three, but in previous times as many as five. There are 118 [[parishJanuary 8]]es , 2008, this metropolitanate was comprised of the exarchates of Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and communities across AustraliaSingapore, and approximately 300,000 was shepherded by Metropolitan [[faithfulNikitas (Lulias)|Nikitas of Hong Kong]] in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.
The Archdiocese also includes 6 ==Recent history==After his transfer to be the director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute, the Holy Synod of the [[monasticism|monasteriesChurch of Constantinople]]. The largest male monastery is the Holy elected Archimandrite [[Monastery of Pantanassa Nektarios (Mangrove, AustraliaTsilis)|Monastery of Pantanassa]] in New South Walesas the next Metropolitan of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and essentially divided the metropolis into two separate metropolis'. The Metropolis of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia now encompasses Hong Kong, the largest female monastery is Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, and the Holy new [[Monastery Metropolis of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Australia)Singapore|Monastery Holy Metropolis of GorgoepikoosSingapore]] in Victoria. In 1982encompassing Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives Islands, Bangladesh, the archdiocese began the St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College in SydneyNepal, where Archbishop Stylianos currently serves as dean Bhutan and Bishop Seraphim as sub-dean. As the lone theological college in Australasia, it often accepts students of other jurisdictionsSri Lanka.
The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Metropolitan Nektarios was enthroned on March 1, 2008, by Metropolitan Athenagoras of Australia is also a founding member of [[SCCOCA]]Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.
== The Episcopacy ==
[[Image:Metr._Nikitas_of_Hong_Kong.jpg|left|thumb|100px|Metr. Nikitas]]*The ruling bishop of the Metropolitanate is Metropolitan [[Nikitas Nektarios (LuliasTsilis) of Hong Kong|Nikitas (Lulias)]] of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, 1999-2007. He is currently serving as the director  :*The current administrator of the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute in Berkeley, California. The Episcopacy Metropolitanate is currently vacant as of Marchthe [[Protosyngellos|Chancellor]], 2007 and may be abolished pending the decision of the Holy and Sacred Synod of Constantinople.**[[Archimandrite ]] [[Daniel Konstantinos (ToyneTsilis)]] is the sole priest in Singapore:**Archimandrite Rev Fr [[Jonah Nikitas (MourtosMellios)]] is the sole priest in Taiwanvicar for the Philippines.:**Vicar Archimandrite [[Nikitas Jonah (MelliosMourtos)]] is the senior active sole OMHKSEA-affiliated priest in Taiwan.<!-- India's chief should be added here when known. See talk page regarding the Philippineslisting of priests. --><br clear=left>
<!-- India's chief should be added here when known; if Indonesia still has an OMHKSEA presence==Former metropolitans==*Metropolitan [[Nikitas (Lulias)]], a similar thing should happen there. See talk page regarding now director of the listing of priests[[Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute]] in Berkeley, California, USA. -->
==Related articles==
*[[Metropolis of Singapore|Holy Metropolis of Singapore]], formed in 2008 by dividing the original territory of the OMHKSEA.
*Archimandrite [[Lazarus (Moore)]], missionary in India 1952-1972.
*Archimandrite [[Vincentius Philemon (EscharchaCastro)]], priest in the Philippines.
<!--==Further reading==-->===External links===
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*Exarchate of Singapore** [ Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church] in Singapore. *====Exarchate of Taiwan====** [ Holy Trinity Orthodox Church] in Taiwan.** [ Orthodox Christian Liturgy in Taipei, Pascha 2004] *Exarchate of the Philippines<!--- [[Image:Manilachurch.jpg|left|]] --->** [ Annunciation of the Theotokos Orthodox Church]** [ Greeks in the Philippines & Their Contribution to the Country] *Exarchate of Indonesia** The Indonesian Orthodox Parishes were recently received under the Omophorion of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]]. They are under the care of Archbishop Hilarion of Sydney and Miterd-Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro. [ Indonesian Orthodox Church] *Exarchate of India'''** [ Philanthropic Society of the Orthodox Church - Calcutta].** [ History of the Church in India]. {{stub}}
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