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Orthodoxy in the Philippines

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Orthodoxy in the Philippines
Through the persistent lobbying of Archbishop John Maximovitch to the US Congress, the refugees were allowed to settle in the United States and Australia beginning in 1951.
== Orthodoxy in the Philippines Today =='''
There are many groups today in the Philippines that claim to be Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Churches, however, they all lack the apostolic succession and do not adhere to the traditions and canons of either church.
In 1997, Greek ship owners established a parish under the Ecumenical patriarchate and is headed by a priest from Greece.
There are currently plans to re-establish a Russian Orthodox presence in the Philippines and to begin missions for Filipinos due to the strong need to teach Eastern Orthodoxy in the Philippines to Filipinos in the vernacular. The members of the Russian Orthodox Church hopes to build on the half of century of trust and respect gained by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco to help the Philippines discover the richness of Orthodoxy.

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