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! width=300 | '''Important notes'''
| '''[[OrthodoxWiki:About|About OrthodoxWiki]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:User guidelines|User guidelines]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:Frequently Asked Questions|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal|Community Portal]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:Questions|Questions]]<br>[[Special:Listusers|User list]]<br>[[Special:Listadmins|Admin list]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:News|OrthodoxWiki News]]
| '''[[:Category:Help|Help files]]<br>[[Help:Editing|How to edit a page]]<br>[[Help:How to create a new page|How to create a new page]]<br>[[Help:How to write a great article|How to write a great article]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights|Copyright policy]]<br>[[Help:Image licenses|Image licenses]]<br>[[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]]'''
| '''PLEASE''' read carefully the section of the [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]] titled '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View)]]'''. <br><br>Also please note that other editors will assume that you have read the Style Manual (our official editing guidelines). If you're wondering why an edit was reverted, an article renamed, or any other unexpected changes were made by another editor, check there.
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