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Just war

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==== [[John Chrysostom | St. John Chrysostom]] ====
''"Christians above all men are not permitted forcibly to correct the failings of those who sin. Secular judges indeed, when they have captured malefactors under the law, show their authority to be great, and prevent them even against their will from following their own devices: but in our case the wrong-doer must be made better, not by force, but by persuasion"'' ([[John Chrysostom | St. John Chrysostom]], [ ''"On the Priesthood"'']).
**[ "Non-violence and Peace Traditions in the Early and Eastern Church"]
**[ "St. Basil's Guidance on War and Repentance"]
*The [[Rudder]]. Agapios a Hieromonk and Nicodemos a Monk.

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