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Ss. Mary and Martha Monastery (Wagener, South Carolina)

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superior=Mother [[Thecla (Ecroyd)|Thecla]]|
size=3 2 nuns|
hq=Wagener, South Carolina|
The community consists of women living the monastic tradition of a Christ-centered prayer life for the monastic members. The community conducts numerous retreats and maintains a hermitage for those who need a few days of solitude, silence, and prayer.
To support the community the women run the St. Wiborada Bindery and Book Repair Shop and make Mother Helena makes candles at the St. Joseph Candle Shoppe. They also rely on the generosity of donations from those who visit the monastery.
Currently the community is developing plans to build a [[monastery]] building, with brick exterior to fit in with the traditional brick buildings of the area. The new building will replace the doublewide, prefabricated home that they now use. This structure will then become the monastery guesthouse.

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