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All material on '''OrthodoxWiki''' is by default released under a dual GDFL-and Creative Commons licenselicensing arrangement. For other licenses (especially for images), see [[Help:Image licenses]].
To this end, the "click-through language" (what is agreed to every time a user clicks "Save Page" in an edit box) will be revised to say that, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the author of the edits is granting to OrthodoxWiki and its operator(s) the perpetual and royalty-free right to make use of, reformat, republish, change, edit, etc., the content of the contributed work in any form or medium, and that further permission need not be sought from the contributor to make such derivative uses of the contributed work, and that all requirements for attribution are met by citing collective authorship at OrthodoxWiki and a reference to the OrthodoxWiki site (, which will contain this copyright information as well as the edit history of each article, with links to each user’s page containing however much or little information they care to submit.
This is lawyer-speak for our protection. No one can claim any author’s work as their own and authors remain free to re-issue their own work under any other (non-exclusive) license they choose.
We are trying to be as conscientious as possible about copyright concerns. It is our policy to be proactive about copyright infringement. However, if you think you have seen any type of copyright infringement, please give us the benefit of the doubt and contact us so that we can clear up any issues. Please also let us know if you have any other comments or concerns.
[[ar:ارثوذكس ويكي:حقوق النسخ]]
[[fr:OrthodoxWiki:Droit d'auteur]]
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