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General Structure of Sunday Matins
*The [[Hypakoe]] is read by the chanter to prepare for the message of the Gospel reading.
*The [[Anavathmoi]] (hymns of ascent) are chanted.
*The [[Prokeimenon ]] are chanted.
*The order of the Gospel is followed: the deacon intones ''Let us pray to the Lord ...'', the priest responds with a prayer, and the chanter sings three times, ''Let everything that breathes praise the Lord''. One of eleven Gospels is read; these Gospels each address a different part of the [[Resurrection]] narrative, because it is Sunday, the feast of the Resurrection. ''Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ ...'' is read by the chanter.
*The 50th Psalm is chanted.
*The Great [[Doxology]] is chanted.
*The Litanies "Have mercy on us, O God..." and "Let us complete our morning prayer..." (although according to contemporary Greek Parish practice, these litanies are said secretly, by the priest and deacon, during the praises).
*The [[Dismissal]]. (According to contemporary Greek Parish practice, the Great Doxology leads straight into the beginning of the [[Liturgy]]).
==Orthros Services==

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