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Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec

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== Archbishop ==
When St. Sava decided to abdicate, he decided that Arsenije would succeed him. Arsenije was consecrated [[bishop]]. He was able to continue in the work of his predecessor. He built Peć monastery and participated in the [[Translation (relics)|translation ]] of St. Sava's [[relics|sacred bones]] from Trnovo to Mileševa. St. Arsenije crowned King Stefan Uroš I. He helped King Stefan Uroš I and Queen St. Jelena in building the monasteries Sopoćani and Gradac.
He suffered a stroke in 1263, after which he was succeeded by St. [[Sava II of Pec|Sava II]], nephew of St. Sava. St. Arsenije died on [[October 28]], 1266.
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