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Holy Scripture

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{{Orthodoxchristianity}}The '''Holy Scripture''' is a collection of books written over multiple centuries by those inspired by God to do so. It is the primary witness to the Orthodox Christian faith, within [[Holy Tradition]] and often described as its highest point. It was written by the [[prophetsprophet]] s and [[apostles]] in human language, inspired by the [[Holy Spirit]], and collected, edited, and canonized by the Church. Above all, the Bible is a faith document.
==The Nature of Scripture==
The Scriptures both ''are'' the word of God and are ''about'' the Word of God, [[Jesus Christ]]. They are God's revelation of himself, the word of God in the words of men. The Bible is a witness to the revelation of God, and it is a part of the active and living [[Holy Tradition]] of the Church. Thus, if Tradition is the life of the Church, then the Scripture is the primary language of that life.
The Scripture—both Old and New Testaments—is fundamentally about Christ. It is Christocentric and [[Christology|Christological]]. The whole Bible presupposes the [[Incarnation]] and [[Resurrection]] of Christ. Indeed, the very purpose in writing the New Testament was because Christ had already risen from the dead—with the death of the [[Apostle James (son of Zebedee)|Apostle James]], the Church realized that the eyewitnesses were not always going to be with them, therefore the preaching of the eyewitnesses was written down.
The preaching of the apostles preceded the Scripture, so we must understand the Scripture as an expression of that preaching; the word of God had already gone out and established the Church, which served as the communal context for the Scripture's composition and canonization. Humanity naturally tends to preach before it makes a written record. [[Moses]]' word to the people of Israel after the Passover was first that they should tell their children. St. [[Mary Magdalene]]'s first act upon learning of the Resurrection was to run and tell [[Apostle Peter|Peter]]. Only later did these events get recorded in writing.
:''And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.'' (KJV)
That is, the Bible is written so that we might believe and be saved.
==The Canon of Scripture==
{{Holy Scripture}}
==The Canon of Scripture==
The [[Old Testament]] canon of Scripture is that of the [[Septuagint]], which was the Bible of the [[apostles]]. Other Christian communions through the years have deviated somewhat from this apostolic canon which the [[Orthodox Church]] still uses. The canon of the [[New Testament]] was developed over the early centuries of the Church. Its first known listing in its final form is the ''Paschal Letter'' of St. [[Athanasius of Alexandria]] in A.D. 367.
Alternate names and notes for the books of the canon are given in parentheses.
=== The Old Testament Canon ===
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*[[Book of Joshua|Joshua]] (Jesus Navi)
*[[Book of Ruth|Ruth]]
*[[I Kingdoms]] (I Samuel)
*[[II Kingdoms]] (II Samuel)
*[[III Kingdoms]] (I Kings)
*[[IV Kingdoms]] (II Kings)
*[[I Paraleipomenon]] (I Chronicles)
*[[II Paraleipomenon]] (II Chronicles)
*[[I Esdras]]
*[[II Esdras]] (Ezra)
*[[Book of Nehemiah|Nehemiah]]
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*[[Tobit]] (Tobias)
*[[Book of Ester|Esther]]
*[[I Maccabees]]
*[[II Maccabees]]
*[[III Maccabees]]
*[[Psalms]] (151 in number)
*[[Book of Job|Job]]
*[[Ecclesiastes]] (The Preacher)
*[[Song of Solomon]] (Song of Songs)
*[[Wisdom of Solomon]]
*[[Wisdom of Sirach]] (Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach ''or'' Ecclesiasticus)
*[[Book of Hosea|Hosea]] (Osee)
*[[Book of Amos|Amos]]
*[[Book of Micah|Micah]]
*[[Book of Joel|Joel]]
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*[[Book of Obadiah|Obadiah]] (Abdias)
*[[Book of Jonah|Jonah]]
*[[Book of Nahum|Nahum]]
*[[Book of Habakkuk|Habakkuk]] (Avakkum, Abbacum)
*[[Book of Zephaniah|Zephaniah]] (Sophonias)
*[[Book of Haggai|Haggai]] (Aggaeus)
*[[Book of Zechariah|Zechariah]]
*[[Book of Malachi|Malachi]]
*[[Book of Isaiah|Isaiah]]
*[[Book of Jeremiah|Jeremiah]]
*[[Book of Baruch|Baruch]]
*[[Lamentations of Jeremiah]] (Lamentations)
*[[Epistle of Jeremiah]]
*[[Book of Ezekiel|Ezekiel]]
*[[Book of Daniel|Daniel]]
*[[IV Maccabees]]
=== The New Testament Canon ===
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| width="33%" align="left" valign="top"|
*[[Gospel of Matthew]]
*[[Gospel of Mark]]
*[[Gospel of Luke]]
*[[Gospel of John]]
*[[Acts of the Apostles]]
*[[Book of Romans|Romans]]
*[[I Corinthians]]
*[[II Corinthians]]
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*[[I Thessalonians]]
*[[II Thessalonians]]
*[[I Timothy]]
*[[II Timothy]]
*[[Book of Titus|Titus]]
*[[Book of Philemon|Philemon]]
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*[[Book of Hebrews|Hebrews]]
*[[Book of James|James]]
*[[I Peter]]
*[[II Peter]]
*[[I John]]
*[[II John]]
*[[III John]]
*[[Book of Jude|Jude]]
*[[Book of Revelation|Revelation]] (Apocalypse)
== See also ==
* [[Hermeneutics]]
* [[Septuagint]] (LXX)
* Hebrew [[Hebrew Old Testament]]
* [[Biblical Commentaries]]
* [[Gospels]]
* [[Epistle]]s
* [[Psalter]]
* [[Apostolos]]
===Other Articles===
==External links==
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* [ Center for Study and Preservation of the Majority Text]
===Online Bibles===
*The [ Unbound Bible] provided by [ Biola University]
*[], a ministry of [ Gospel Communications International]
*[ Bible Study Tools] provided by []
*[ Daily Bible readings] from the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]]
*[ Daily Scripture readings] ([[Julian Calendar]]) from the [[American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese]]
*[ Scripture readings] from the [[Orthodox Church in America]]
*[ Lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church] according to The Orthodox Study Bible
*[ Lectionary for the Kellia] - A suggestion for everyday scripture readings
===News Stories===
*[ ''Oldest Hebrew Text Is Evidence for Bible Stories?''], Mati Milstein in Elah Valley, Israel for National Geographic News [[November 3]], 2008.
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