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[[Image:St Basil the Confessor the Bishop of Parium.JPG|100px|St. Basil the Confessor]]
</div> Hieromartyr Artemon the Presbyter, of Laodicea (284-305);Martyrs Demas and Protion, and those with them, by beheading (285-305);Martyr Sabbas the Goth, at Buzau in Wallachia (372) (''see also [[SaintApril 15]] [[Basil '');Saint Isaac the Confessor]]Syrian (''Isaac of Monteluco''), Abbot of Spoleto, Italy (c. 550) (''see also [[BishopApril 11]] - West'');Venerable monk-martyrs David, John and Menas, of PariumPalestine, shot by archers (after 636); [[Venerable]] Anthusa the [[Virgin-martyr]] of Constantinople(809); Saint Venerable Athanasia the Wonderworker (''Athanasiaof Aegina''), Abbess, of Aegina (850) (''see also [[April 18]]'');Saint [[abbessBasil the Confessor]] , Bishop of AeginaParium (9th century); Saint [[MartyrSergius II of Constantinople|Sergius II]]s Menas, DavidPatriarch of Constantinople (1019);Saint Vissia, a virgin-martyr in Fermo near Ancona in Italy under Decius (c. 250);Saint Victor of Braga (''São Victor''), a catechumen martyred in Braga in Portugal under Diocletian, thus baptised in his own blood (c. 300);Saint Julius I the Great, Pope of Rome, defended St Athanasius against his Arian accusers, and John also built many churches (352);Hieromartyr Zeno of Verona, Bishop of PalestineVerona (371); Saint [[Isaac Constantine, the Syrian first Bishop of Gap in France (529);Saint Wigbert (690);Saint Tetricus, Abbot of St Germanus in Auxerre, then Bishop of Auxerre by popular acclamation, murdered in his sleep (707);Saint Damian of Pavia, Bishop of Pavia in Lombardy in Italy, who vigorously opposed Monothelitism (710);Saint Erkemboden, a monk at Sithin in Saint-Omer in France, later Bishop of Thérouanne (714);Saint Alferius, (abbot''Alpherius, Adalfericus'')|Isaac , monk, founder of the SyrianMonastery of La Cava (1050);Saint Sylvester, Bishop of Pereyaslav and Igumen of Vydubychi Monastery (1123);Saint Basil of Ryazan, Bishop of Ryazan (1295) (''see also [[May 21]], [[abbotJune 10]] of Spoleto; , [[HieromartyrJuly 3]] , and [[Zeno of Verona|ZenoJuly 10]], Bishop of Verona''); New-Martyr Venerable Acacius, founder of Kapsokalyvia [[Skete]] on , [[Mount Athos]](1730); Saint [[Basil of Ryazan|Basil]]New Hieromartyr Demetrius Rozhdestvensky, Bishop Protopresbyter of RyazanAlma-Ata (1921); Martyrs Demas, Protion, and those with themNew Hieromartyr Sergius (1938); Saint Julius '''Other Commemorations:'''Deposition of the Great, [[Pope]] of Rome; deposition w:Cincture of the Theotokos|Cincture (''Sash, Zone, Belt '') of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]] in Constantinople(942) (''see also [[August 31]]''); [[IconSynaxis]] of the Murom Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (early 12th century);Venerable Neophytus the Recluse, of MuromCyprus, Wonderworker (1204) (''feast day [[January 24]]''); Synaxis of the Belinich Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1876);Repose of BelinichArchbishop Juvenal of Vilnius, Lithuania, monk of [[Optina Monastery]] (1904)Proclamation of the autocephaly of the Church of Georgia (1917) <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|April 12]]</noinclude>

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