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Basic Forms
== Vesperal Services ==
=== Basic Forms ===
Vespers is celebrated in three basic forms: '''Great Vespers''', '''Daily Vespers''', and '''Small Vespers'''.
*'''''Great Vespers''''' follows the order described above and is appointed to be served on Saturday nights and on the eves of all feasts ranked higher than [[Fourth Class Feasts|Fourth Class]].
*'''''Daily Vespers''''' is an abbreviated form of Great Vespers and is served on any day that Great Vespers is not appointed. Generally, Daily Vespers is served by a priest alone without the assistance of a deacon, although there is some variation in this practice. In such a case, the deacon's parts are completed by the priest. At Daily Vespers, the Small Entrance is usually omitted; there are fewer stichera inserted in ''Lord, I have cried unto Thee''; and the Ektenia following the prokeimenon is abbreviated and moved to follow the apolytikion. The service ends with the [[Little Dismissal]].

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