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Basic Forms: Some additional comments on Small Vespers
*'''''Great Vespers''''' follows the order described above and is appointed to be served on Saturday nights and on the eves of all feasts ranked higher than [[Fourth Class Feasts|Fourth Class]].
*'''''Daily Vespers''''' is an abbreviated form of Great Vespers and is served on any day that Great Vespers is not appointed. Generally, Daily Vespers is served by a priest alone without the assistance of a deacon, although there is some variation in this practice. In such a case, the deacon's parts are completed by the priest. At Daily Vespers, the Little Entrance is usually omitted; there are fewer stichera inserted in ''Lord, I have cried unto Thee''; and the Ektenia following the prokeimenon is abbreviated and moved to follow the apolytikion. The service ends with the [[Little Dismissal]].
*'''''Little Vespers''''' is appointed to be served only on days when there is to be an [[All-Night Vigil]]. Little Vespers is identical in form to Daily Vespers, but omits the Litany of Peace, the kathisma and the Little Litany that follows it, the Litany of Fervent Supplication, and the Prayer at the Bowing of the Heads. The Ektenia that follows the apolytikion is also further abbreviated. It also has no more than 4 stichera at ''"Lord, I have cried"'', and unlike Great Vespers or Daily Vespers, the variable portions of Small Vespers are never combined from multiple sources (such as a double commemoration of the menaion, or a combination of the menaion with the octoechos).
=== Special Forms ===

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