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== Online Texts ==
*[ The First Hour]
*[ The Thirs & Sixth Hours]
*[ The Ninth Hour]
*[ Paschal Hours]
*[ Paschal Hours, for Lay use]
*[ The Hours], modified for personal use,
*From the [http://pageswww.prodigysaintjonah.netorg/frjohnwhitefordservices/horologion.htm Online Reader Service Horologion] compiled by Priest John Whiteford ([[ROCOR]])**[http://pageswww.prodigysaintjonah.netorg/frjohnwhitefordservices/firsthour.htm First Hour]**[http://pageswww.prodigysaintjonah.netorg/frjohnwhitefordservices/third&sixth.htm Third and Sixth Hours]**[http://pageswww.prodigysaintjonah.netorg/frjohnwhitefordservices/ninthhour.htm Ninth Hour]*[ The Lesser Hours], from [ Anastasis], the website of the Monastery of St. Andrew the First Called, Manchester, England
== Sources ==

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