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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:Pascha.jpg|100px|left]]The '''[[PaschaEpiscopal Assembly of North and Central America]]''' ({{lang-el|Πασχα}}), also called '''Easter'''founded in 2010, is the feast consists of all the '''[[Resurrection]] active Orthodox bishops of the [[Jesus Christ|Lord]]'''North and Central America, representing multiple jurisdictions. ''Pascha'' It is a transliteration of the Greek wordsuccessor to SCOBA, which and it is itself not, properly speaking, a transliteration of the Hebrew ''pesach'', both words meaning ''[[Passover]]''synod. (A minority The Episcopal Assembly of English-speaking Orthodox prefer the English word 'Pasch.') Pascha normally falls either one or five weeks later than the feast as observed by Christians who follow the [[Gregorian calendar]]. However, occasionally the two observances coincide, North and some years they can be two, four, or six weeks apart (but never three). The reason for the difference Central America is that the older [[Julian Calendar]] uses a different [[paschalion]], the formula for calculating the date one of Pascha. This formula was determined by several such bodies around the [[First Ecumenical Council]].  If Pascha falls on [[March 25]], world which operate in the date of the [[Annunciation]], the resultant celebration is termed ''[[Kyriopascha]]''so-called "diaspora."
'''''Recently featured:''''' [[Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)|Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)Raphael Morgan]], [[Book of KellsHoly Week]], [[Archangel GabrielGeorges Florovsky]], [[Alexis of Wilkes-Barre]], [[Theophany]], [[Nativity]], [[Theological School Theodoros II (Choreftakis) of HalkiAlexandria]], [[Alexander NevskyPaschal Homily]], [[Episcopi vagantes]], [[Joseph Pachomius the Hesychast]], [[EucharistGreat]]. ''Newly View all [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented on '''Saturdays'''.''<noinclude>[[Category:Main page templates|Featured]]</noinclude>
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