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[[Image:OcadowanyPascha.pngjpg|100px|left]]The '''[[Pascha]]'''[[Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA){{lang-el|Diocese of Washington and New York (OCAΠασχα}})]], also called '''Easter''' , is the reemergence with a new name feast of the original '''[[Diocese Resurrection]] of New York and New Jersey (OCA)the [[Jesus Christ|Diocese of New York and New JerseyLord]] after it had been split to form '''. ''Pascha'' is a transliteration of the Greek word, which is itself a transliteration of the Hebrew ''pesach'', both words meaning ''[[Diocese of Washington Passover]]''. (OCA)|Diocese A minority of Washington]] as a separate dioceseEnglish-speaking Orthodox prefer the English word 'Pasch. ')
At Pascha normally falls either one or five weeks later than the feast as observed by Christians who follow the 6th All-American Council, [[Holy SynodGregorian calendar]] of Bishops decided to form a new Diocese of Washington. However, DC by splitting off occasionally the Washington area of the diocesetwo observances coincide, and some years they can be two, four, or six weeks apart (but never three). The new diocese in reason for the nation's capital city began functioning in 1981 as the see of difference is that the older [[Julian Calendar]] uses a different [[Primatepaschalion]] of the Orthodox Church in America. However, the national administrative offices remained at Syosset, within formula for calculating the Diocese date of New York and New JerseyPascha. This formula was determined by the [[First Ecumenical Council]].
In 1981, the Diocese of New York and New Jersey became one of the local dioceses under its own hierarch, Bp. [[Peter (L'Huillier) of New York|Peter]] with his see at the Holy Protection Cathedral. At its inception the new diocese included only a few parishes, those in the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas. During the following two decades after formation of the diocese a number of new parishes formed as the population of the diocese increased.
In 2005, after the election of Metr. Herman as the ruling hierarch of the OCA and with the retirement of Abp. Peter, the Holy Synod of the OCA remerged the dioceses of New York and New Jersey and Washington as the Diocese of Washington and New York. St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington was designated the see of the ruling hierarch.
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