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===Small Compline===
Small Compline is served on most nights of the year (i.e., those nights on which Great Compline is not served). On the eves of Sundays and feasts with [[All-night vigil|All-Night Vigil]], Compline may be either read privately or suppressed altogether. Among the Greeks, who do not normally hold an All-Night Vigil on Saturday evenings, Compline is said as normal.
The service is composed of three Psalms (50, 69, 142), the [[Small Doxology]], the [[Nicene Creed]], the Canon followed by ''It is Truly Meet'',<ref>Certain canons will call for ''It is Truly Meet'' to be replaced by the [[Irmos]] of the Ninth [[Ode]].</ref> the [[Trisagion]], [[Troparia]] for the day, ''Lord, have mercy'' (40 times), the Prayer of the Hours, the Supplicatory Prayer of Paul the Monk, and the Prayer to Jesus Christ of Antiochus the Monk.<ref name="NtPray">Here follow the Evening Prayers in places where they are said at Compline.</ref> Then the mutual forgiveness and final blessing by the Priest. After this, there is a [[Litany]] and the veneration of Icons and Relics.

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