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Vicentius (Prodanov) of Serbia

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His Holiness '''Vikentije (Prodanov)''' (also ''Vicentius''; in Serbian: '''Викентије (Проданов)''', Милошћу Божијом православни Архиепископ пећки, Митрополит Београдско-Карловачки и патријарх српски) was [[Patriarch]] of the [[Church of Serbia|Serbian Orthodox Church]] from 1950 to 1958.
== Early life ==
 He was born as Vitomir (Bитомир) into the family Đorđe (Ђорђе) and Jelka (Јелка), [[August 24]], 1890, in Bačko Petrovo Selo. He finished primary school in his birthplace in 1901. He graduated from Grand Serbian Orthodox Gymnasium in Novi Sad in 1909. Vitomir continued his education in the Serbian Orthodox Theology School in Sremski Karlovci, graduating in 1913. He was a teacher in his birthplace, Bačko Petrovo Selo, for a couple of months. Georgije (Letić), Bishop of Temišvar, appointed him consistorial subnotary of [[Diocese]] of Temišvar on [[June 1]], 1917. He took [[monasticism|monastic]] vows in Bezdin Monastery [[August 18]] ([[August 5]], Old Style) in front of [[Archimandrite]] Isak (Došen) and was given the name Vikentije. He was [[ordination|ordain]]ed a [[deacon]] on [[September 12]] by Bp. Georgije. Vikentije was transferred to the post of consistorial notary of the Diocese of Bačka in 1919. He was raised to ranks of [[protodeacon]] and [[archdeacon]]. From 1921 to 1932 he served as secretary of the executive board of [[monastery|monasteries]] in Karlovci Metropolitanate. He continued his education at the Philosophical Faculty in Belgrade, graduating in 1929, having studied National and Byzantine History. Vikentije was ordained a hieromonk on [[October 18]]/[[October 31|31]], 1929, and raised to the rank of archimandrite on [[November 20]]/[[December 3]]. He was elected Secretary General of the Sentence Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1932. He remained in this position until he was elected [[vicar bishop]] of Marča, [[June 21]]/[[July 4]]. He was consecrated by Patriarch Varnava and Bishops Irinej of Bačka, Serafim of Raška and Prizren, Sava of Srem, and [[Platon of Banja Luka|Platon]] of Moravice.
== As Bishop ==
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