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Joanicius I of Peć

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Our father among the [[saint]]s Joanikije or '''Joanicius I of Pec''' (Serbian: '''Свети Јоаникије I, архиепископ српски''') was archibishop the Archibishop of Serbia from 1272 to 1276. His feat [[feast day ]] is [[May 28]] in on Julian Calendar.  
St. Joanicius was born in into a pious family. As joung young man he gon for Mtjoined the [[monk]]s at [[Mount Athos]]. Athos He was a disciple of St. [[Sava II of Pec|Sava II]]. He acompained Joanicius accompanied his teacher in to the Holy Land. Joanicius where in Jerusalem he was [[ordination|ordain]]ed [[deacon]] and then [[presbyter]] in Jerusalem. After returning to Mt. Athos , Joanicius was elected an econom of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]], and later an [[igumen]]. He came back in Sebia returned to Serbia and was elected [[archimandrite]] of Studenica [[Monastery]]. St Joanicius was elected [[archibishoparchbishop]] of Serbia in 1272. He retired in 1276, after king King Stefan Uroš I was forced to abdicate, by his son Stefan Dragutin. St. Joanicius died on [[May 28]] , 1279. St. Queen Jelena, wife of King Stefan Uroš I, translated his [[relics ]] in Sopoćani monasteryMonastery, his housbandwhich her husband's foundation founded in 1282. St. Joanicius was described as man full of virtues. He was later glorified, leaving behind his incorrupt relics.
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