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Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec

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When he arrived in Jerusalem, Arsenije was the guest of the famous Patriarch of Jerusalem, Dositeus Notarios (1669-1707). When he was in the Holy Land, Arsenije kept a journal.
After arriving home, he found his people in the middle of the [[w:Great Turkish War|Great Turkish War]]. Turks arested him and he pay 10000 (6000 pounds of sterling) talirs for freedom. He was soon forced to leave Peć because Turks tried to kill him. He came back after Austrians captured Peć. Under great presure of the Austrians he was forced to call all Serbs to join the Austrian army. About 20,000 Serbs joined the Austrian army, but the Serbs and Austrians were defeated near Skoplje in the winter of 1689. The patriarch, with 90,000 people started retreating.
Arsenije called a popular-church assembly in Belgrade in July 1690. In this assembly were participating Serbian noblemen, officers, popular leaders, metropolitans, bishops, archimandrites, [[igumen]]s, and [[protopresbyter]]s. They decided to continue in the war as Austrian allies, but they demanded freedom of religion and freedom from serfdom. The Serbs sent an envoy led by Bishop Isaija of Jenopolje, who was fluent in German. Emperor [[w:Leopold_I%2C_Holy_Roman_Emperor|Leopold I]] proclaimed an edict on [[August 21]] in which he gave the Serbian people and their Church special privileges. After this Serbs populated soutern part of Hungary, todays Vojvodina in Serbia, and military frontier in Croatia as Austrian soldiers.
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