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[[Image:Panteleimon_MonasteryBeirut church.jpg|100px|St. Panteleimon's Monastery (Athos)A church in Beirut, Lebanon]]</div>The '''[[MonasticismChurch of Antioch]]''' is one of the five churches (from Greek: ''&mu;&omicron;&nu;&alpha;&chi;&omicron;&sigmaf;''&mdash;a solitary personi.e., the [[Pentarchy]]) is that constituted the ancient Christian practice of withdrawal from the world in order to dedicate oneself fully [[One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church|one, holy, catholic, and intensely to the life of apostolic Church]] before the [[GospelGreat Schism]]of 1054, seeking union with and today is one of the [[Jesus Christautocephaly|autocephalous]]Orthodox churches. In English translations of official documents, the Church of Antioch is referred to as the '''Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East''', though a literal translation of its Arabic name for itself would be '''Roman Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East'''.
The focus Church of monasticism Antioch is on the successor to the Christian community founded in Antioch by the [[theosisApostles]] [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] (who served as its first bishop) and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]], the process of perfection to which every Christian is called. This ideal is expressed everywhere that the things of God who are sought above all other things, as seen for example in the ''its [[Philokaliapatron saint]]'', a book of monastic writingss. In other words, a monk or nun is a person who has vowed to follow not only the commandments terms of hierarchical order of the Churchprecedence, but also it ranks third among the counsels ('s Orthodox churches, vows behind [[Church of poverty, chastity, stability, Constantinople|Constantinople]] and obedience). The words [[Church of Jesus which are the cornerstone for this ideal are "be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfectAlexandria|Alexandria]]."
Thus, monks practice [[hesychasm]], The seat of the spiritual struggle of [[catharsis|purification]] patriarchate was formerly Antioch (&kappa;&alpha;&theta;&alpha;&rho;&sigma;&iota;&sigmaf;Antakya), [[theoria|illumination]] (&theta;&epsilon;&omega;&rho;&iota;&alpha;) and [[theosis|divinization]] (&theta;&epsilon;&omicron;&sigma;&iota;&sigmaf;) in [[prayer]]what is now Turkey, but is now Damascus, Syria, located on the "street called Straight." The current patriarch is His Beatitude Patriarch [[sacramentIgnatius IV (Hazim) of Antioch]]s and obedienceall the East.
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